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The Nursing Home offers rejuvenation treatment programmes aiming at reducing weight and mental tension, increasing memory power, enhancing body complexion and skin lustre, recharging the mind and body through systematic and scientific way of application of special medicated oil followed by medicated steam bath and rational combination of medicines.

The traditional Panchakarma Chikitsa is also offered here. The centre brings all the treatments of traditional Ayurveda as practised in the ancient times.

Bala Chikitsa (Paediatrics)

Bala Chikitsa is equivalent to Pediatrics in modern medicine. This branch of Ayurveda deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases related to children. Bala Chikitsa also deals with the problems related to pregnancy and child birth. Gastrointestinal diseases, teeth disorders, rickets and many more are treated here.

Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa)

Our body components like the cells and tissues are undergoing various degenerative changes every day as the age advances. So it is very important to arrest or delay this process by rejuvenating the body. This therapy will help you to rejuvenate your body and mind. This therapy includes foot massage, cream massage, synchronic massage, herbal face pack, steam bath, Shirodhara, Njavarakizhi etc. Duration will be about 90 to 120 minutes per day. Herbal rejuvenating medicines are used here.

De-toxification (Dumshtra Chikitsa)

This branch can be considered equivalent to toxicology, and is the science of poisons – Visha Chikitsa. The intoxication can be from different sources like plants, insects, rocks, birds or animals. Visha Chikitsa also deals with artificial poisons.

Beauty Care Programme (Soundarya Samrakshana Chikitsa)

The special treatment includes Herbal cream massages, Oil massages, Body pack, Herbal face pack, Herbal bath, Powder massage, Fruit massage etc. This treatment increases the skin tone, complexion, and peripheral circulation. Also beautifies the body figure.

Slimming Programme (Sthoola Chikitsa)

This includes Medicated powder massage, Oil massage, Steam bath, Herbal bath, Snehavasthy, Pizhichil, Podikizhi, Elakizhi, Pichu etc. This therapy is effective for keeping the spine and neck healthy and to cure the problems associated with it.


  • For accommodation single rooms and double rooms (both A/C and Non A/C) are available.
  • Ayurvedic food is provided during the stay according to the type of treatment.
  • Quality treatment is ensured through well qualified and trained male and female staff.
  • We manufacture our own quality medicines under strict supervision and quality control.
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