Kozhikode Ayurvedic Pharmacy is an Ayurvedic institution of repute functioning for the past 50 years. The establishment has been noted for its service in dealing in Ayurvedic medicines and other indigenous medicines both wholesale and retail. Medicines manufactured by other reputed brands in India are also available in the Kozhikode Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

We have also established a factory engaged in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines in the traditional way and the most hygienic conditions under the supervision and management of Ayurvedic experts.

Considering the good records and reputation of the establishment, G.M.P Certificate has been awarded to Kozhikode Ayurvedic Pharmacy by the Government. As we are the reputed stockist of medicines manufactured by other leading Ayurvedic companies the physicians also have the choice of medicines required for the treatment.


  • For accommodation single rooms and double rooms (both A/C and Non A/C) are available.
  • Ayurvedic food is provided during the stay according to the type of treatment.
  • Quality treatment is ensured through well qualified and trained male and female staff.
  • We manufacture our own quality medicines under strict supervision and quality control.
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